Product features

Get 360-Degrees of Insight and transparency.

Gain comprehensive insights into job descriptions with our 360-Degree JD View. Everything you'll want to find is fully transparent seeable.

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Fast & Easy Job Description Creation

Effortlessly craft accurate and compelling job descriptions with our swift and user-friendly JD creator.

Ultimate JD Library.

Effortlessly access, view, organize, sort, filter, and search for ALL of your JD's within a single, user-friendly interface. Complete power and control is yours.

Comprehensive Skills Library

Nexa 360 will natively gather, orgaznize, and then uniquely store every skill across your organization as listed in your job descriptions. Easily sort and filter by skill type, job title, department, team, etc.

Effortless Migration

Effortlessly and import/migrate your existing Job Descriptions into your Nexa 360 JD Library. Now enjoy the peace that comes with having all of your JD’s in one single central hub!